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Hi there,

I am a skipper and sailing instructor.

I can take you and your friends on a sailing trip.

We can go to Sardinia, Italy, Corsica or elsewhere.

We can sail long distance, or hop from one cove to the other, anchor here and there, take a swim, have aperitivo, dock in a small port to have dinner in town. You let me know what you feel like.

Whether you already have a trip in mind or not, feel free to send me an email. I can help you figure what trip you'd want.

My email address is: yctct at yctct dot com (PGP)


Examples of trips we could do:

Postscriptum: I can also do boat deliveries, teach sailing, can help you with your boat or the planning of a trip.

About me:

I have taught sailing at Glénans Sailing School all around Brittany and in the Mediterranean (and still do occasionally).

I’ve sailed in the English Channel, down along the French Atlantic coast, to the Canary Islands from Gibraltar, across the Atlantic and along the western Mediterranean coasts. That means that I am familiar with these places, but that does not prevent us from sailing elsewhere. I am curious about sailing further of the Mediterranean as well as discovering the coasts of Scandinavian countries.

I have a Yachtmaster Offshore from the Royal Yachting Association in the U.K. and a cruising instructor certificate from the French sailing association (FFV).

Beside sailing, I do self-financed research to better understand how how we use technologies influences the agency we have on the unfolding of our lives, business, etc.. I plan to publish a book. You can read a summary of the prologue on this webpage.

Sardinia by B. CC BY-SA 4.0
Sardinia B. CC BY-SA 4.0

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